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The relationship of mutilation fear and fainting was examined in 204 students, (103 fainters and 101 non-fainters) by administering a series of questionnaires and a structured interview concerning the history, effects and circumstances of their fear and fainting. Two hundred and sixty of their parents completed the same scales along with a self-report(More)
The Hadwiger number h(G) of a graph G is the maximum size of a complete minor of G. Hadwiger's Conjecture states that h(G) ≥ χ(G). Since χ(G)α(G) ≥ |V (G)|, Hadwiger's Conjecture implies that α(G)h(G) ≥ |V (G)|. We show that (2α(G) − ⌈log τ (τ α(G)/2)⌉)h(G) ≥ |V (G)| where τ ≈ 6.83. For graphs with α(G) ≥ 14, this improves on a recent result of(More)
Chung, Graham, and Wilson proved that a graph is quasirandom if and only if there is a large gap between its first and second largest eigenvalue. Recently, the authors extended this characterization to coregular k-uniform hypergraphs with loops. However, for k ≥ 3 no k-uniform hypergraph is coregular. In this paper we remove the coregular requirement.(More)
Let F be a family of r-uniform hypergraphs. The chromatic threshold of F is the infimum of all non-negative reals c such that the subfamily of F comprising hy-pergraphs H with minimum degree at least c |V (H)| r−1 has bounded chromatic number. This parameter has a long history for graphs (r = 2), and in this paper we begin its systematic study for(More)
is the minimum integer r such that in every edge-coloring of K r by k colors, there is a monochromatic copy of H i in color i for some 1 ≤ i ≤ k. In this paper, we investigate the multicolor Ramsey number r(K 2,t ,. .. , K 2,t , K m), determining the asymptotic behavior up to a polylogarithmic factor for almost all ranges of t and m. Several different(More)
In this paper we consider spectral extremal problems for hypergraphs. We give two general criteria under which such results may be deduced from 'strong stability' forms of the corresponding (pure) extremal results. These results hold for the α-spectral radius defined using the α-norm for any α > 1; the usual spectral radius is the case α = 2. Our results(More)
AIMS   To perform an international trial to derive alert and action levels for the use of quantitative PCR (qPCR) in the monitoring of Legionella to determine the effectiveness of control measures against legionellae. METHODS AND RESULTS   Laboratories (7) participated from six countries. Legionellae were determined by culture and qPCR methods with(More)
Let k ≥ 2 and F be a linear k-uniform hypergraph with v vertices. We prove that if n is sufficiently large and v|n, then every quasirandom k-uniform hypergraph on n vertices with constant edge density and minimum degree Ω(n k−1) admits a perfect F-packing. The case k = 2 follows immediately from the blowup lemma of Komlós, Sárközy, and Szemerédi. We also(More)