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PURPOSE A complete spinal cord injury (SCI) above the sixth thoracic vertebra (T6) results in the loss of sympathetic innervation of the adrenal medulla. This study examined the effect of a complete SCI above and below T6 on plasma concentrations of epinephrine, circulating interleukin 6 (IL-6) and other inflammatory cytokines in response to acute strenuous(More)
PURPOSE To compare the criterion validity and accuracy of a 1 Hz non-differential global positioning system (GPS) and data logger device (DL) for the measurement of wheelchair tennis court movement variables. METHODS Initial validation of the DL device was performed. GPS and DL were fitted to the wheelchair and used to record distance (m) and speed(More)
PURPOSE To examine the validity of perception-based intensity regulation during handcycling exercise. METHODS Eight spinal cord-injured (T11 incomplete to T4 complete) participants completed an incremental exercise test followed by a (.)VO2peak test using a sports hand bike. Subsequently, two 20-min exercise tests were completed at an individualized power(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the contributions of arm frequency and propulsion mode on the internal work during submaximal wheelchair propulsion. Twelve able-bodied participants performed a V.O (2) peak test on a wheelchair ergometer. On a separate occasion, six (4 min) submaximal exercise conditions employing two modes of propulsion(More)
The purpose of the study was to determine which laboratory-based modality provides the most valid physiological and biomechanical representation of over-ground sports wheelchair propulsion. Fifteen able-bodied participants with previous experience of wheelchair propulsion performed a 3-minute exercise trial at three speeds (4, 6 and 8 km ∙ h(-1)) in three(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare court-movement variables and physiological responses to wheelchair tennis match-play when using low vs. standard compression tennis balls. Eleven wheelchair basketball players were monitored during repeated bouts of tennis (20 min) using both ball types. Graded and peak exercise tests were completed. For match-play,(More)
PURPOSE To examine the heart-rate (HR) response and court-movement variables during wheelchair tennis match play for high- (HIGH) and low- (LOW) performance-ranked players. Analysis of physiological and movement-based responses during match play offers an insight into the demands of tennis, allowing practical recommendations to be made. METHODS Fourteen(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the role of wheeling experience on efficiency, metabolic cost, and differentiated ratings of perceived exertion (RPEs) during synchronous and asynchronous hand-rim propulsion with varying arm frequencies. Fourteen able-bodied (AB) male participants and 8 male wheelchair sportsmen (WS) performed tests of peak oxygen(More)
Personal Cloud services, such as Dropbox or Box, have been widely adopted by users. Unfortunately, very little is known about the internal operation and general characteristics of Personal Clouds since they are proprietary services. In this paper, we focus on understanding the nature of Personal Clouds by presenting the <i>internal structure</i> and a(More)
The design of elastic file synchronization services like Dropbox is an open and complex issue yet not unveiled by the major commercial providers, as it includes challenges like <i>fine-grained programmable elasticity</i> and <i>efficient change notification</i> to millions of devices. In this paper, we propose a novel architecture for file synchronization(More)