John Lenton

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The design of elastic file synchronization services like Dropbox is an open and complex issue yet not unveiled by the major commercial providers, as it includes challenges like <i>fine-grained programmable elasticity</i> and <i>efficient change notification</i> to millions of devices. In this paper, we propose a novel architecture for file synchronization(More)
PURPOSE To examine the validity of perception-based intensity regulation during handcycling exercise. METHODS Eight spinal cord-injured (T11 incomplete to T4 complete) participants completed an incremental exercise test followed by a (.)VO2peak test using a sports hand bike. Subsequently, two 20-min exercise tests were completed at an individualized power(More)
Personal Cloud services, such as Dropbox or Box, have been widely adopted by users. Unfortunately, very little is known about the internal operation and general characteristics of Personal Clouds since they are proprietary services. In this paper, we focus on understanding the nature of Personal Clouds by presenting the <i>internal structure</i> and a(More)
The current study assessed the validity and reliability of a miniaturised data logger (MDL) against a radio-frequency-based indoor tracking system (ITS) for quantifying key aspects of mobility performance during wheelchair rugby. Eleven international wheelchair rugby players were monitored by both devices during four wheelchair rugby matches. MDL data were(More)
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