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We reviewed our institutional experience with primary hyperaldosteronism to compare clinical outcomes after laparoscopic versus open adrenalectomy. All patients surgically treated for primary hyperaldosteronism from 1988 through 1999 are included in this study. Patients were assigned to either the LA (laparoscopic) or OA (open) group depending on the(More)
BACKGROUND Guidelines advocate that a negative ultrasonographic scan needs to be followed by venography, or a repeat scan after 1 week, to detect potentially missed calf vein thrombosis. This study aimed to evaluate whether anticoagulation can safely be withheld on the basis of a single negative duplex scan in patients presenting with suspected deep venous(More)
DNA ploidy and the measurement of proliferation or S-phase fraction are both of prognostic significance in breast cancer, yet clinical use is minimal in the U.K. Immunohistochemistry is, however, used to aid diagnosis, so a panel of antibodies were analysed by flow cytometry to assess their predictive value for prognosis, tumour stage and grade. Of 10(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal was to evaluate one institution's experience with image-guided core-needle breast biopsy (IGCNBB) and compare the pathologic results with wire-localized excisional breast biopsy (WLEBB) for patients with positive cores and the mammographic surveillance results for patients with negative cores. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA IGCNBB is becoming(More)
There is, as yet, no tumour marker which is sufficiently specific and sensitive for use in the routine assessment of breast cancer patients. CA15.3 is a recently described tumour marker determined by two monoclonal antibodies. We have estimated CA15.3 by immunoradiometric assay in 187 patients attending a breast clinic. Eighty-one patients with benign(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between admission and postoperative platelet count (PC) and mortality and morbidity rates after emergency surgery for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). METHODS We performed a case record review of 65 consecutive patients admitted with ruptured AAA. RESULTS Five patients did not(More)
Image-guided core-needle breast biopsy (IGCNBB) is widely used to evaluate patients with abnormal mammograms; however, information is limited regarding the reliability of a benign diagnosis. The goal of this study was to demonstrate that a benign diagnosis obtained by IGCNBB is accurate and amenable to mammographic surveillance. Records of all patients(More)
BACKGROUND Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (RAAA) carries a high community mortality. Raigmore Hospital, Inverness serves Highland Region, an area the size of Wales with a population of 204,000. The aim of this retrospective review was to determine the community mortality and hospital mortality rates from RAAA in Highland Region and to assess whether(More)
A retrospective review of breast abscesses during a 10-year period was performed. Only 8.5 per cent (6/72) of patients were in the puerperium. Peripherally sited abscesses were predominantly staphylococcal in origin, incision and drainage was effective treatment in all. By contrast, a subareolar abscess yielded a higher proportion of anaerobic bacteria and(More)