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BACKGROUND Common autoimmune disorders tend to coexist in the same subjects and to cluster in families. METHODS We performed a cross-sectional multicenter study of 3286 Caucasian subjects (2791 with Graves' disease; 495 with Hashimoto's thyroiditis) attending UK hospital thyroid clinics to quantify the prevalence of coexisting autoimmune disorders. All(More)
Consensus statement of the European Group on Graves’ orbitopathy (EUGOGO) on management of GO Luigi Bartalena, Lelio Baldeschi, Alison Dickinson, Anja Eckstein, Pat Kendall-Taylor, Claudio Marcocci, Maarten Mourits, Petros Perros, Kostas Boboridis, Antonella Boschi, Nicola Currò, Chantal Daumerie, George J Kahaly, Gerasimos E Krassas, Carol M Lane, John H(More)
Congenital hypothyroidism occurs in one of every three to four thousand newborns, owing to complete or partial failure of thyroid gland development. Although thyroid hypoplasia has recently been associated with mutations in the thyrotropin (TSH) receptor, the cause of thyroid agenesis is unknown. Proteins including thyroid transcription factors 1 (TTF-1;(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the relation between mood and autoimmune thyroid dysfunction during the eight months after delivery. DESIGN Double blind comparison of the psychiatric status of women positive and negative for thyroid antibodies. Clinical examination and blood sampling for free triiodothyronine and thyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, and thyroid(More)
Luigi Bartalena, Lelio Baldeschi, Alison J. Dickinson, Anja Eckstein, Pat Kendall-Taylor, Claudio Marcocci, Maarten P. Mourits, Petros Perros, Kostas Boboridis, Antonella Boschi, Nicola Currò, Chantal Daumerie, George J. Kahaly, Gerasimos Krassas, Carol M. Lane, John H. Lazarus, Michele Marinò, Marco Nardi, Christopher Neoh, Jacques Orgiazzi, Simon Pearce,(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of lithium treatment on the thyroid gland have been demonstrated in a number of studies. Most of this research is based on cross-sectional studies and prospective studies are required to confirm these observations. METHOD During our genetic association studies, we recruited 115 males and 159 females suffering with affective(More)
C-reactive protein (CRP) levels have not been routinely used to diagnose thyroid disease, although many thyroid conditions involve inflammation. This study was intended to determine whether CRP levels could differentiate between inflammatory and noninflammatory thyroid conditions, especially between type II inflammatory amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis(More)
Clinical assessment of patients with Graves’ orbitopathy: the European Group on Graves’ Orbitopathy recommendations to generalists, specialists and clinical researchers The European Group on Graves’ Orbitopathy (EUGOGO): W M Wiersinga, P Perros, G J Kahaly, M P Mourits, L Baldeschi, K Boboridis, A Boschi, A J Dickinson, P Kendall-Taylor, G E Krassas, C M(More)
Details of admissions to a dedicated district poisons treatment unit in South Glamorgan were analysed to assess changes in self-poisoning patterns between 1987-1988 and 1992-1993. Self-poisoning rates increased in both men and women, with male rates showing a relatively larger increase, resulting in a fall in female to male ratio for person-based rates from(More)
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Lithium is used in the prophylaxis of bipolar depressive disorder in augmentation treatment of depression and in the therapy of some cases of unipolar depression. Lithium affects cell function via its inhibitory action on adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) activity, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), and intracellular enzymes. The inhibitory effect of(More)