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Chronic migraine (CM) is a disabling painful condition that is associated with dementia and thrombotic disease. It has been proposed that carbon monoxide (CO) and iron may play a role in CM, and CO and iron are products of the heme oxygenase system which is widespread within the brain. Further, CO and iron enhance plasmatic coagulation in part via a(More)
A new, to our knowledge, heterodyne interferometer for differential displacement measurements is presented. It is, in principle, free of periodic nonlinearity. A pair of spatially separated light beams with different frequencies is produced by two acousto-optic modulators, avoiding the main source of periodic nonlinearity in traditional heterodyne(More)
We present a heterodyne Michelson interferometer for vibration measurement in which feedback is used to obviate the need to unwrap phase data. The Doppler shift of a vibrating target mirror is sensed interferometrically and compensated by means of a voltage-controlled oscillator driving an acousto-optic modulator. For frequencies within the servo bandwidth,(More)
Taking advantage of the great progress in storage-ring technology in the last decade of the past millennium, it became possible to access very heavy atomic systems in the highest ionized states. At the storage ring ESR at the GSI Darmstadt, cooled brilliant ion beams of the heaviest, fully stripped atoms up to bare uranium with corresponding small momentum(More)
A case of basilar migraine headache in a young woman is presented. Although the patient had been treated by a neurologist for 2 years, the diagnosis was not established. When she presented to the emergency room of a local hospital, another neurologist diagnosed conversion reaction. Although there had been problems in the family, neurological examination(More)
  • J S LaWall
  • The Bulletin of the American Academy of…
  • 1982
Recently, the admission of involuntary patients to open, general hospital psychiatric units has become a controversial issue. This article suggests that the admission of involuntary patients to open psychiatric units in general hospitals is perfectly feasible, without negative consequences, and is congruent with the goal of community treatment. This(More)
This case report describes the successful treatment of chronic headache from intracranial hypotension with bilateral transforaminal (TF) lumbar epidural blood patches (EBPs). The patient is a 65-year-old male with chronic postural headaches. He had not had a headache-free day in more than 13 years. Conservative treatment and several interlaminar epidural(More)