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Generalization can be defined quantitatively and can be used to assess the performance of principal component analysis (PCA). The generalizability of PCA depends on the number of principal components retained in the analysis. We provide analytic and test set estimates of generalization. We show how the generalization error can be used to select the number(More)
Independent component analysis (ICA) has found a fruitful application in the analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. A principal advantage of this approach is its applicability to cognitive paradigms for which detailed a priori models of brain activity are not available. ICA has been successfully utilized in a number of exciting fMRI(More)
AIMS The objective was to explore differences in lipid-lowering drug (LLD) prescribing in Italy and Denmark. METHODS We used two geographical areas with computerized drug prescription records in defined populations, one in Funen, Denmark with 500 000 inhabitants, the other in Bologna, Italy with 400 000 inhabitants. Prescriptions for patients who had(More)
Recovery has come to mean living a life beyond mental illness, and recovery orientation is policy in many countries. The aims of this study were to investigate what staff say they do to support recovery and to identify what they perceive as barriers and facilitators associated with providing recovery-oriented support. Data collection included ten focus(More)
AIMS Several studies have found that compliance with lipid-lowering drug (LLD) treatment is low. However, the results of these studies were based on crude measures of compliance. The aim of this study was to describe compliance with statin treatment by analysing prescription patterns on an individual level in a population-based prescription database over a(More)
Cytochrome P450 1A2 (CYP1A2) is a major drug-metabolising enzyme. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, present in high concentrations in tobacco smoke and charcoal-broiled meat, are known to induce CYP1A2. The purpose of the present study was to validate enzyme induction by consumption of charcoal-broiled meat as an experimental tool for discerning(More)
BACKGROUND Offering financial incentives to achieve medication adherence in patients with severe mental illness is controversial. AIMS To explore the views of different stakeholders on the ethical acceptability of the practice. METHOD Focus group study consisting of 25 groups with different stakeholders. RESULTS Eleven themes dominated the discussions(More)