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A path integral is presented that solves a general class of linear second order partial differential equations with Dirichlet/Neumann boundary conditions. Elementary kernels are constructed for both Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. The general solution can be specialized to solve elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic partial differential equations(More)
A theorem that constructs a path integral solution for general second order partial differential equations is specialized to obtain path integrals that are solutions of elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic linear second order partial differential equations with Dirichlet/Neumann boundary conditions. The construction is checked by evaluating several known(More)
Complex suture prostheses that deliver sensory and position feedback require a more sophisticated integration with the human user. Here a micro-size active implantable system that provides many-degree-of-freedom neural feedback in both sensory stimulation and motor control is shown, as one potential human-use solution in DARPA's HAPTIX program. Various(More)
Next generation implantable medical devices will have the potential to provide more precise and effective therapies through adaptive closed-loop controllers that combine sensing and stimulation across larger numbers of electrode channels. A major challenge in the design of such devices is balancing increased functionality and channel counts with the(More)
Metamaterials, materials that are constructed with arrays of small elements have significant potential to provide material properties that are useful for electromagnetic applications but are not found in nature. Slight changes to a repeated unit cell can be used to tune the effective bulk material properties of a metamaterial, replacing the need to discover(More)
This paper summarizes developments aimed at providing cheap manufacturable 5 GHz data radio front-ends for the newly created U-NII and HIPERLAN bands. The result is a set of reconfigurable modules for radio architecture experimentation and a small form factor 5 GHz radio for WLAN and link applications which is economical and manufacturable in volume. 1.(More)
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