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In an attempt to identify important ion channels contributing to the generation of ectopic discharges, the present study examined the effects of ion channel blockers on ectopic discharges of injured sensory neurons after spinal nerve ligation. The main focus of the study was to examine the effect of the sodium channel blocker, tetrodotoxin (TTX), in order(More)
Purinoceptors are present in the cell bodies as well as in both peripheral and central terminals of many sensory neurons, where they may play a role in sensory transmission, including pain. After peripheral nerve injury at the spinal nerve level, some axotomized afferent neurons develop ongoing discharges (ectopic discharges) that originate in the dorsal(More)
The c-fos proto-oncogene encodes a nuclear phosphoprotein, Fos which has been proposed to be a "third messenger" coupling short term extracellular signals to long term alteration in cell function. Using double labeling immunocytochemistry, the present work demonstrated the co-localization of Fos protein and serotonin in the nucleus raphe dorsalis, nucleus(More)
Whole cell patch-clamp recordings from GABAergic cells of thalamic reticular nucleus (RTN) in thalamocortical slices made from postnatal day 6 (P6) to 10 (P10) were used to investigate the pattern of rebound bursts (RBs) triggered by an injection of hyperpolarizing current into RTN cells. The number of RBs in the RTN and the overlying Na(+)/K(+) spikes(More)
Previous reports have shown that progestins stimulate the proliferation of the human breast cancer cell line T47D in culture. Under different conditions other reports have shown progestin stimulation, inhibition or no effect on growth. It has also been shown that c-myc expression is stimulated at early times by progestins. We are currently testing the(More)
The MPZL1/PZR gene has been mapped to 1q23.3, located in close proximity to a recognized schizophrenia susceptibility locus. Recently, the MPZL1/PZR gene has been found to be significantly upregulated in schizophrenia brain tissue and to play an important role in cell signaling, thus indicating that MPZL1/PZR could be a potential schizophrenia marker. To(More)
Two major antifouling biocides used worldwide, Irgarol 1051 and diuron, and their degradation products in Shoreham Harbour and Brighton Marina, UK were studied during 2003-2004. The highest concentrations of Irgarol 1051 were 136 and 102 ng L(-1) in water and 40 and 49 ng g(-1) dry weight in sediments for Shoreham Harbour and Brighton Marina, respectively.(More)
In this paper, we used the database of the university of Michigan Radio Astronomy Observatory (UMRAO) at three (4.8 GHz, 8.0 GHZ, and 14.5 GHz) radio frequency to analyze the radio light curves by the power spectral analysis method in search of possible periodicity. The analysis results showed that the radio sources display astrophysically meaningful(More)
  • J L Zhou, S J Aarseth, D N C Lin, M Nagasawa
  • 2005
The formation of gas giant planets is assumed to be preceded by the emergence of solid cores in the conventional sequential-accretion paradigm. This hypothesis implies that the presence of earth-like planets can be inferred from the detection of gas giants. A similar prediction cannot be made with the gravita-tional instability (hereafter GI) model which(More)
In this experiment, three groups were used to detect c-fos expression in the CNS in the awake male, S.D. rats, i.e, EA of "Quanliao" (14 Hz), electrostimulation of the rat tail (0.4-0.6 mA) and the control. Fos was identified by ABC immunohistochemical method. The results were as follows: I. The labelling cellular nuclei of pain group are in the laminae I,(More)