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OBJECTIVE This study compares the operative parameters of laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy, total vaginal hysterectomy, and total abdominal hysterectomy in patients in a small suburban medical center. METHODS This investigation is a Canadian Classification II-2. It was performed in a 238 bed(More)
Adnexal masses complicate approximately 1/2,000 pregnancies. Teratomas are the most common ovarian neoplasms found in pregnancy, representing up to 36% of adnexal masses. However, almost all these dermoids are less than 10 cm in diameter. We present a case of a massive benign cystic teratoma complicating pregnancy. The patient initially presented with what(More)
In a prospective study of 137 children (47 with cystic fibrosis, 48 with congenital heart disease, 42 with no chronic illness), four domains were examined as predictors of parent-reported behavioral problems, particularly internalizing problems, at 4 years of age: child health, child temperament, parent-child relationships, and family environment. Family(More)
The psychiatric, psychological, school and overall family functioning of 64 very small premature infants was assessed from birth up to 48 mnths of age. Results indicated that 43% of infants scored in the abnormal range on a behaviour rating scale filled in by the mothers and 24% on a teacher rating scale at age 4. However, only 11% of the children received(More)
BACKGROUND As new variations of operations are performed, complications must be recognized and reported. Erosion of staples into the bladder following mesh and staple laparoscopic colposuspension is a complication that must be anticipated, recognized and managed by the laparoscopic surgeon. CASE A woman presented, four years after mesh and staple(More)
The association between nutritional status (percentage of weight for height) and infant-mother relationship was studied over 4 years in 38 children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in the first year of life. Infant-mother relationship was assessed in a standardized laboratory observation. Although they could not be distinguished medically from the others at(More)
Our objective was to describe our experience with laparoscopic Burch colposuspension and to relate our results to traditional open Burch procedures for the treatment of genuine stress incontinence. Retrospective case series were compared to historical controls. Forty-six women found to have only genuine stress incontinence by history, examination and(More)
BACKGROUND Routine intraoperative cystoscopy is often advocated to improve the diagnosis of ureteral obstruction in gynecologic surgery. It is possible for ureteral obstruction to occur in the immediate postoperative period and thus can be missed by cystoscopy. CASE A patient had an anterior vaginal repair and transobturator sling. Intraoperative(More)