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Mother to pup milk transfer was examined in the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR) and its normotensive progenitor, the Wistar-Kyoto (WKY). Litters of SHR and WKY pups were either reared by their natural mothers or cross-fostered to mothers of the opposite strain shortly after birth. At postpartum days 7 and 14, pup body weights were monitored throughout(More)
The self-regulation model of the relapse process (Ward & Hudson, 2000) has been developed and empirically validated on general sexual offender populations (Bickley & Beech, 2002), but not on specific sexual offender populations. This paper aims to investigate whether special needs offenders, as compared to mainstream sexual offenders, can be categorized(More)
The adaptation of relapse prevention theory to sexual offending (W. D. Pithers, J. K. Marques, C. C. Gibat, & G. A. Marlatt, 1983) has represented an important movement in cognitive-behavioural treatment for sexual offenders. However, this model of relapse prevention has been criticised for its limited view and oversimplification of the relapse prevention(More)
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