John L. Mitchiner

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In this study, the primary sequence and location of the idiotopes of monoclonal antibody (mAb) V-88 have been examined. V-88 was derived from an adult (NZB x NZW)F1 mouse, has been partially defined previously with polyclonal anti-idiotype antisera, and is a member of the 16/6 idiotype (Id) family. From the inferred primary amino acid sequence of the(More)
SmartWeld is a concurrent engineering system that integrates product design and processing decisions within an electronic desktop engineering environment. It is being developed to provide designers, process engineers, researchers and manufacturing technologists with transparent access to the right process information, process models, process experience and(More)
1. Introduction An Automated MEshing Knowledge System that automatically generates quadrilateral finite element meshes is discussed in this paper. This system, AMEKS, operates in conjunction with existing algorithmic software on a large class of two-dimensional bodies given only their boundaries as input. These bodies can consist of multiple materials and(More)
Sandia National Laboratories has been developing technologies to support person-to-person collaboration and the efforts of teams in the business and research communities. The technologies developed include knowledge-based design advisors, knowledge management systems, and streamlined manufacturing supply chains. These collaborative environments in which(More)
In manufacturing, the conceptual design and detailed design stages are typically regarded as sequential and distinct. Decisions made in conceptual design are often made with little information as to how they would affect detailed design or manufacturing process specification. Many possibilities and unknowns exist in conceptual design where ideas about(More)
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