John L. Lindquist

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and Amthor (1999) suggested that the RUE era in crop modeling should be closed. Accurate measurement of crop growth and radiation use efficiency A number of factors contribute to the variation in (RUE) under optimal growth conditions is required to predict plant reported estimates of RUE (Sinclair and Muchow, 1999). dry matter accumulation and grain yield(More)
A new maize (Zea mays L.) simulation model, Hybrid-Maize, was developed by combining the strengths of two modeling approaches: the growth and development functions in maize-specific models represented by CERES-Maize, and the mechanistic formulation of photosynthesis and respiration in generic crop models such as INTERCOM and WOFOST. It features(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the decades-long use of Bacillus atrophaeus var. globigii (BG) as a simulant for biological warfare (BW) agents, knowledge of its genome composition is limited. Furthermore, the ability to differentiate signatures of deliberate adaptation and selection from natural variation is lacking for most bacterial agents. We characterized a lineage(More)
Glyphosate-resistant common waterhemp is a difficult-to-control annual broadleaf weed that has become a serious management challenge for growers in Nebraska and other states in the United States. The objectives of this study were to confirm glyphosate-resistant common waterhemp in Nebraska by quantifying level of resistance in a dose-response study, and to(More)
BioOne ( is a nonprofit, online aggregation of core research in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. BioOne provides a sustainable online platform for over 170 journals and books published by nonprofit societies, associations, museums, institutions, and presses. Usage of BioOne content is strictly limited to personal,(More)
Gene flow is an important component in evolutionary biology; however, the role of gene flow in dispersal of herbicide-resistant alleles among weed populations is poorly understood. Field experiments were conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to quantify pollen-mediated gene flow (PMGF) from glyphosate-resistant (GR) to -susceptible (GS) common(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY Gene flow from crops to wild relatives has received considerable attention since the advent of genetically modified crops. Numerous researchers have found wild-crop hybrids to be nearly as fit as their wild parents, which suggests that crop genes may persist in wild populations. Components of the ecological fitness of(More)
Common waterhemp is one of the most commonly encountered and troublesome weeds in the midwestern United States. It is well known that water stress adversely affects crop growth and yield; however, the effects of water stress on weed growth and seed production are poorly understood. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of degree and(More)