John L. Hall

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We stabilized the carrier-envelope phase of the pulses emitted by a femtosecond mode-locked laser by using the powerful tools of frequency-domain laser stabilization. We confirmed control of the pulse-to-pulse carrier-envelope phase using temporal cross correlation. This phase stabilization locks the absolute frequencies emitted by the laser, which we used(More)
We demonstrate a great simplification in the long-standing problem of measuring optical frequencies in terms of the cesium primary standard. An air-silica microstructure optical fiber broadens the frequency comb of a femtosecond laser to span the optical octave from 1064 to 532 nm, enabling us to measure the 282 THz frequency of an iodine-stabilized Nd:YAG(More)
In Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, mutations on an unusual linkage group, the uni linkage group (ULG), affect structure and function of basal bodies. The ULG shows Mendelian segregation, but its genetic map is circular. Molecular cloning of fragments of the ULG was accomplished by taking advantage of restriction fragment length polymorphisms generated by crosses(More)
In this paper we evaluate quantitatively the hypothesis that topographic modification of floor-fractured craters on the moon was accomplished predominantly by viscous relaxation. Adopting the simple assumption that the moon may be modeled as having a uniform Newtonian viscosity, we compare the observed topographic profiles for a number of floor-fractured(More)
We consider several highly sensitive techniques commonly used in detection of atomic and molecular absorptions. Their basic operating principles and corresponding performances are summarized and compared. We then present our latest results on the ultrasensitive detection of molecular overtone transitions to illustrate the principle and application of the(More)
On the basis of widespread phylogenetic conservatism, it has been propose'd that serologically-defined H-Y antigen is the inducer of primary sex differentiation in mammals, causing the initially indifferent gonad to become a testis rather than an ovary. The proposal has withstood extensive testing in a variety of biological circumstances: XX males have(More)
The induction and substrate specificity of cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase (CAD, EC was investigated in relation to the deposition of a defensive, syringyl-rich lignin at wound margins in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Brigadier). Column chromatography of untreated, wounded and elicitor-treated tissues revealed three major CAD forms (CAD-A, -B(More)
The nucleotide sequence of a human alpha-tubulin gene (b alpha 1) is described. This gene is extensively homologous to a rat alpha-tubulin gene in its coding regions, 3'-untranslated region and, indeed, in segments of its largest intron. However, with the exception of three short conserved blocks of homology, the 5' flanking regions of the rat and human(More)
Four long-running currents in laser technology met and merged in 1999–2000. Two of these were the quest toward a stable repetitive sequence of ever-shorter optical pulses and, on the other hand, the quest for the most time-stable, unvarying optical frequency possible. The marriage of UltraFast and UltraStable lasers was brokered mainly by two international(More)