John L. Gieser

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We recorded ERG responses at the cornea of cat and monkey and identified the initial negative wave elicited by very dim stimuli as the scotopic threshold response (STR) comparable to that previously recognized by intraretinal recordings of cat. The STR, but not the photoreceptor a-wave, was eliminated by intravitreal aspartate in both cat and monkey, which(More)
A procedure is described which permits applications problems coded in a Higher Level Language to be compiled to microcode for horizontally microprogrammed processors. An experimental language has been designed which is suitable for expressing computationally oriented problems for such processors in a distributed processing environment. Source programs are(More)
AIM To determine the relation between alterations in the retinal topography and thickness, visual acuity, and retinal pigment epithelium hypopigmentation in atrophic age related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS 22 patients, mean age 74 (SD 8) years, with atrophic AMD were recruited. An optical imaging system based on the retinal thickness analyser(More)
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