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Rats are commonly used as models of hemorrhagic shock. Both constant-pressure and constant-volume protocols have been used, although the latter is considered by some to be a better model of human shock. However, differences in survival have been reported when the same experiment is done by different investigators. Changes in oxygen consumption have been(More)
Batch ethanol fermentation by cells of Zymomomas mobilis ATCC 29191, ionically adsorbed on a DEAE-cellulose ion exchanger, was investigated in a stirred fermentor. Adsorption isotherms in different media were determined and used to interpret the effects of the environment on cell immobilization. Other factors affecting cell immobilization during an actual(More)
The adsorptive behavior of cells of Acetobacter aceti, ATCC 23746, on DEAE-, ECTEOLA-, TEAE-, and DEHPAE-cellulose ion exchangers in a modified Hoyer's medium at 30 degrees C was investigated. The maximum observed adsorption capacities varied from 46 to 64 mg dry wt/g resin. The Langmuir isotherm form was used to fit the data, since the cells formed a(More)
The esterification of long-chain fatty acids in n-hexane catalyzed by nylon-immobilized lipase from Candida rugosa has been investigated. Butyl oleate (22 carbon atoms), oleyl butyrate (22 carbon atoms) and oleyl oleate (36 carbon atoms) were produced at maximum reaction rates of approximately equal to 60 mmol h(-1) g(-1) immobilized enzyme when the(More)
There is a need to develop methods for producing enantiomerically pure pharmaceuticals because the racemic mixtures made today will probably not be allowed in the future. Synthetic chiral catalysts are being developed for this purpose, as well as new product separation techniques. Another possible option is to use biocatalysts, such as purified enzymes or(More)
Several amino acids and peptides were partitioned in poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)/magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) aqueous two-phase systems. The partition coefficients measured for amino acids and peptides were proportional to the difference in PEG concentration between the phases. The partitioning data were used to calculate the relative hydrophobicities of(More)
Rabbits anesthesized with urethan and subjected to mild hypoxia (60-70 Torr arterial PO2) through a reduction of the minute volume were injected with a carotenoid compound, crocetin, or saline. The increased PO2 in the arterial blood seen subsequently with crocetin is attributed to increased diffusion through plasma. Blood flow rates remained constant and(More)