John L. Fuller

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Carbon ((13)C/(12)C) and nitrogen ((15)N/(14)N) stable isotope ratios were longitudinally measured in fingernail and hair samples from mother-infant pairs where infants were exclusively breastfed (n = 5), breast- and formula-fed (n = 2), or exclusively formula-fed (n = 1) from birth. All exclusively breastfed infants had a dual enrichment in carbon ((More)
Mice selected by McClearn and Kakihana for differences in ethanol-induced sleep time were used as subjects. In Experiment 1, mice from the long-sleep (LS) and short-sleep (SS) lines were offered a choice of water or solution GS consisting of 3% glucose and .16% sodium saccharin (w/v); or a choice of water or solution GS + E that contained GS solution plus(More)
Two lines of mice, selected for differential sensitivity to alcohol, were tested following intracisternal administration of salsolinol, a compound putatively formed following ethanol ingestion. Both lines showed dose-dependent decreases in activity following salsolinol. When injected with ethanol, alcohol-insensitive short-sleep (SS) mice increased in(More)