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This article examines the growing phenomenon of mutualfund closings by analyzing the investmentper$ormance of open-endfinds that close to new investors. We find that: (I) the average excess return (estimated by Jensen's alpha) was positive in the 24 months prior to closing, (2) the average excess return was not sign$icantly differentfrom zero in the 24(More)
In this paper the authors discuss a case study in which three instructors in disparate disciplines collaborate to enhance the experience of online MBA students. Collaborative behavior modelling of the faculty in our scenario is different from team teaching in that the transfer of the behavior to students is a critical element of success. While MBA students(More)
Classical dimensional modeling aims for simple data warehouse designs in order to make the job of the end user and the DBMS easier. This paper describes a different approach aimed at simplifying data extraction, transformation, and loading tasks. Our design approach avoids and isolates changes to source data tables by surrounding them with helper-views.(More)
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