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The effect of the resilience of the steel studs on the sound insulation of steel stud cavity walls can be modeled as an equivalent translational compliance in simple models for predicting the sound insulation of walls. Recent numerical calculations have shown that this equivalent translational compliance varies with frequency. This paper determines the(More)
  • John L Davy
  • 2012
The author has published equations for predicting the air borne sound transmission of double leaf cavity walls due to the structure borne sound transmission across the air cavity via (possibly resilient) line connections, but has never published the full derivation of these equations. The author also derived equations for the case when the connections are(More)
A number of recent papers have determined the compliance of steel studs for use in models for predicting the sound insulation of cavity stud walls. However, in these papers, the compliance of resilient channel bars on one or both sides of wood studs or on one side of steel studs has not been determined across the whole of the frequency range. The present(More)
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