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Here we characterize several new lines of transgenic mice useful for optogenetic analysis of brain circuit function. These mice express optogenetic probes, such as enhanced halorhodopsin or several different versions of channelrhodopsins, behind various neuron-specific promoters. These mice permit photoinhibition or photostimulation both in vitro and in(More)
The lupin alkaloid Sparteine is a well-known chiral diamine with a range of applications in asymmetric synthesis, as well as a blocker of voltage-gated Na channels (VGSCs). However, there is only scarce information on the VGSC-blocking activity of Sparteine derivatives where the structure of the parent alkaloid is retained. Herein, building on the recent(More)
The interest on the physiology of the nucleus accumbens (NAcc) has grown in recent years given its relationship to addictive behaviours, and the possibility to treat them by interacting with NAcc function. We have shown that the prior stimulation of the core region blocks induction of long-term potentiation (LTP) at the dentate gyrus in anaesthetized rats,(More)
The current drug cardiac safety risk assessment paradigm is about to be changed. The discussed modifications cover clinical as well as pre-clinical sides. As for the latter, the pre-clinical assessment, it is planned to be based on the analysis of the drug-triggered multiple ion currents inhibition. Considering the variability in the in vitro patch clamp(More)
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