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We designed an in vivo study to determine if the superimposition of a microtexture on the surface of sintered titanium beads affected the extent of bone ingrowth. Cylindrical titanium intramedullary implants were coated with titanium beads to form a porous finish using commercial sintering techniques. A control group of implants was left in the as-sintered(More)
When asked to reflect on Brian Harley's ''Deconstructing the Map'' (Harley 1989) for this special issue of Cartog-raphica, I sat down on the sofa in my office and tried to recall my initial reading of and reaction to the article. What came to mind was less about articles, critiques, theories, or intellectual arguments and more about Harley the person, David(More)
Introduction The growing availability of relatively low cost computer hardware and software has opened up new options for information graphics design and production. Static graphics have been the primary focus of attention as well as the primary medium for representing information. The static graphic will continue to dominate information graphics because it(More)
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