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We present computational linguistics techniques which can help researchers dealing with the increasing amount of available digital text, focusing on potential use in the history of science. We examine two tasks: automatically extracting terms from documents and identifying relations between the terms. We show that the two tasks can be performed reliably and(More)
Research shows that the majority of the population in developing countries lack basic financial services, which reduces opportunities of capital and wealth accumulation. As more service opportunities become available online, there is a growing need to develop technology platforms that can enable the world's poor participate in the global e-economy. Thus, in(More)
  • John Kizito
  • 2008
The complexity of modern anesthesia procedures requires the development of sophisticated workstations with built-in decision support systems having smart-alarm capacity. In this paper, methods used by a prototype (Diagnesia) of a decision support system for anesthetists are presented. During surgery, Diagnesia uses patient data recorded to continuously(More)
Numerous CFD studies have been performed on the motivation to elucidate the role of hemodynamic forces in the development of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries and the carotid bifurcation artery. In order to improve CFD predictions, and to consider CFD as a clinical diagnostic or treatment planning tool, there is a need to ensure its accuracy and(More)
In this experimental study, two surface modification techniques were investigated for their effect on heat transfer enhancement. One of the methods employed the particle (grit) blasting to create microscale indentations, while the other used plasma spray coating to create microscale protrusions on Al 6061 (aluminum alloy 6061) samples. The test surfaces(More)
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