John Kirkland

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Recent studies have shown that the perception of facial expressions of emotion fits the criteria of categorical perception (CP). The present paper tests whether a pattern of categories emerges when facial expressions are examined within the framework of multidimensional scaling. Blends of five ‘‘pure’’ expressions (Angry, Sad, Surprised, Happy, Neutral)(More)
Two-dimensional crystals of the reaction-centre-light-harvesting complex I (RC-LH1) of the purple non- sulfur bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum have been formed from detergent-solubilized and purified protein complexes. Unstained samples of this intrinsic membrane protein complex have been analysed by electron cryomicroscopy (cryo EM). Projection maps were(More)
The current study integrates descriptive (though primarily social-psychological) statements about youth suicide into a coherent, empirically supported taxonomy. Drawing from relevant literature, a set of 107 items characterizing these contributions about youth suicide was created. Seventy-two participants sorted these statements according to their(More)
We report a search for group differences in color experience between male and female subjects, focusing on the relative prominence of the axes of color space. Dissimilarity data were collected in the form of triadic (odd-oneout) judgments, made with the caps of the D-15 color deficiency test, with lighting conditions controlled. Multidimensional scaling(More)
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Tobacco smoke contains a range of toxins including carbon monoxide and cyanide. With specialized cells and high metabolic demands, the optic nerve and retina are vulnerable to toxic exposure. We examined the possible effects of smoking on color vision: specifically, whether smokers perceive a different pattern of suprathreshold color dissimilarities from(More)
The language of personality traits includes single-word trait descriptors, and longer phrases or sentences. Evidence has accumulated that abstract, semantic relationships among single words have the same underlying structure as the empirical relationships when words are applied to individuals. The present study examines whether these two kinds of structure(More)
PURPOSE To improve the management of all hospital admissions with head injuries, including mild and moderate by developing a clinical pathway and a head injury team. METHODS A head injury team was set up to take over the care of all admissions with head injury and to manage appropriate referrals and discharges. A key role was to facilitate communication(More)
We examined colour perception among a group of women heterozygous for colour vision deficiency. Judgements of colour dissimilarity were collected by presenting colour stimuli in groups of three for odd-one-out decisions. The judgements were summarised as one consensus colour space for the heterozygotes and another for age-matched controls. Individual(More)
One task facing market researchers is that of profiling a product, by taking a predefined list of descriptors and eliciting the relationship between the product and each descriptor in turn (“applicable” or “not applicable”; “good description” or “bad description”). Accuracy is gained if in addition the relationships among the descriptors are known: they(More)