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BACKGROUND Making evidence-based decisions often requires comparison of two or more options. Research-based evidence may exist which quantifies how likely the outcomes are for each option. Understanding these numeric estimates improves patients' risk perception and leads to better informed decision making. This paper summarises current "best practices" in(More)
The AMD Jaguar x86 core uses a fully-synthesized, 128-bit native floating-point unit (FPU) built as a co-processor model. The Jaguar FPU supports several x86 ISA extensions, including x87, MMX, SSE1 through SSE4.2, AES, CLMUL, AVX, and F16C instruction sets. The front end of the unit decodes two complex operations per cycle and uses a dedicated renamer(More)
In the context of evaluating IN service implementations from vendors and BT , we have developed and applied structured modelling tools to detect and resolve feature interactions during service validation and testing. Very successful and promising results have been obtained which supplement and enhance the traditional testing methods used to evaluate new(More)
This article tackles the collection selection problem from the query side. Queries are enhanced by mapping them to subjects in an ontology; the associated subject classification terms are then employed to retrieve collections. An experimental comparison was performed with the state of the art ReDDE system, which relies on estimates of collection size to(More)
By its very nature, a large-scale evaluation of client satisfaction with public education using a quantitative approach, places almost impossibly competing demands on the research methodology. This paper reports on the use of a suite of Rasch measurement techniques to meet the competing demands in establishing state-wide benchmarks relating to the School(More)
  • John King
  • 2005 Symposium on Applications and the Internet…
  • 2005
The theme of this paper centres on the experiences that have been gained from developing and operating an IPv6 Internet Exchange (IX). The UK6x has been in operation since 2001 and has become a well-respected connection point into the emerging IPv6 Internet. As will be illustrated, architecturally and operationally an IPv6 IX may be very different from a(More)
Many tests have been constructed to assess computer anxiety. This has lead to the construct being conceptualised in some cases as a multidimensional, with a confusing array of dimensions, and also, implicitly, as unidimensional. The present study has used the computer-anxiety index (CAIN), a scale previously developed by Simonson, Maurer, Montag-Torardi,(More)