John Kim Pedersen

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—This review focuses on inverter technologies for connecting photovoltaic (PV) modules to a single-phase grid. The inverters are categorized into four classifications: 1) the number of power processing stages in cascade; 2) the type of power de-coupling between the PV module(s) and the single-phase grid; 3) whether they utilizes a transformer (either line(More)
the drive under test. Fig. 3: Dynamometer torque-speed region shown for the first quadrant, for a 100 (K) temperature rise. Abstract-A dynamometer capable of emulating linear, non-linear and discontinuous loads for rotating systems is described. The controllable load is produced by a servo drive system. Applications for the dynamometer are steady state load(More)
—This paper presents a new fixed-carrier-frequency random pulsewidth modulation method, where a new type of carrier wave is proposed for modulation. Based on simulations and experimental measurements, it is shown that the spread effect of the discrete components from the motor current spectra and acoustic spectra is very effective and is independent from(More)
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