John Kho Yew Hann

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Patrick Diamond linked the decline of the manufacturing sector, and consequently of the regions of the UK, with the excessively 'shareholder-centric' business model. He pointed out that shareholders in the UK enjoy unusual levels of power, due to their ability to push through hostile takeovers, even when compared with the USA. He argued for more of a(More)
In this paper we present the results of an experiment, which combined the Impactorium tool with the RAHS System. We describe the intelligence analysis process supported by the tools and give a brief introduction to the tools. Results from a Swedish study that influenced the version of Impactorium tested in Singapore are reported. We conclude with some(More)
This study assesses the effect of the pre-doctoral and continuing behavioral education on dentists' efforts to treat fearful patients. A mail survey consisting of a booklet of 27 questions was sent to the 1988 and 1989 graduates of the Universities of Washington (UW), Kentucky (UK), and British Columbia (UBC). Graduates from UW and UK who received(More)
The occurrence of a brain abscess as a complication of halo traction and immobilization in the management of scoliosis is reported. Previous reports suggest that this complication is rare. Unique in this case is the development of an intracerebral abscess without skull perforation by the halo device and without evidence of contiguous spread of infection.(More)
Fits of laughter have been described in a number of instances with a differentiation made between primary and secondary fits. Fits of laughter in the case of pubertas praecox resulting from a hyperplastic deformation at the base of the IIIrd ventricle have not been observed as yet. The case here described shows that fits of laughter of this type can be(More)
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