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  • J Kemm
  • 2001
Healthy Public Policy is one of the key health promotion actions. Advancement of Healthy Public Policy requires that the health consequences of policy should be correctly foreseen and that the policy process should be influenced so that those health consequences are considered. Health Impact Assessment is an approach that could assist in meeting both(More)
Discussion of the prevalence of osteomalacia in the elderly is complicated by the different definitions used and the fact that diagnostic criteria are rarely stated. In this study osteomalacia was defined as more than 25% of trabecular bone surface in an iliac crest biopsy sample covered with osteoid and a mean osteoid seam thickness of greater than 11(More)
Although osteomalacia is known to be common in some sections of the elderly population, the disease is often subclinical and there is uncertainty about the point at which treatment is necessary. Identification and treatment of osteomalacia are inseparably bound; the response of varying degrees of subclinical disease to treatment with vitamin D or(More)
Forty one elderly patients admitted to hospital for acute illnesses were also found to have subclinical osteomalacia. Immediately before discharge, therefore, all were randomised to receive either vitamin D2 25 micrograms daily, alfacalcidol 0.5 micrograms daily, or placebo. Treatment was given for at least three months, those allocated to placebo then(More)
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