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This technical report is a product of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Software Program, an agency wide program to promote continual improvement of software engineering within NASA. The goals and strategies of this program are documented in the NASA software strategic plan, July 13, 1995. Additional information is available from the(More)
The project's initial case studies investigated three frequently cited examples of the Internet's influence on democracy. The first case looked at the user-generated news site OhmyNews and its impact on the 2002 elections in South Korea. The second documented the role of technology in Ukraine's Orange Revolution. The third analyzed the network composition(More)
This paper describes three cases studies in the lightweight application of formal methods to requirements modelling for spacecraft fault protection systems. The case studies differ from previously reported applications of formal methods in that formal methods were applied very early in the requirements engineering process, to validate the evolving(More)
Simulation modeling has been around for many years and produced many papers. Arguably, there has been a lack of impact in the health arena, some may say due to modeling such a large, complex, diverse and often interconnected industry. Other observations suggests that academics get rewarded for publishing large complicated models with detailed analysis(More)