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A speaker's regional dialect is a rich source of information about that person. Two studies examined five- to six-year-old children's perception of regional dialect: Can they perceive differences among dialects? Have they made meaningful social connections to specific dialects? Experiment 1 asked children to categorize speakers into groups based on their(More)
—Documents from the same domain usually discuss similar topics in a similar order. In this paper we present new ordering-based topic models that use generalised Mallows models to capture this regularity to constrain topic assignments. Specifically, these new models assume that there is a canonical topic ordering shared amongst documents from the same(More)
Stress is a useful cue for English word segmentation. A wide range of computational models have found that stress cues enable a 2-10% improvement in segmen-tation accuracy, depending on the kind of model, by using input that has been annotated with stress using a pronouncing dictionary. However, stress is neither invariably produced nor unambiguously(More)
A well-known effect in speech production is that more predictable words tend to be phonetically reduced. Recent work has suggested that predictability effects result from hardwired properties of the language production system, rather than active modulation by the talker to accommodate the listener. However, these studies investigated only minor(More)
Most existing topic models make the bag-of-words assumption that words are generated independently, and so ignore potentially useful information about word order. Previous attempts to use collocations (short sequences of adjacent words) in topic models have either relied on a pipeline approach, restricted attention to bi-grams, or resulted in models whose(More)
There has been considerable work on syntactic language models and they have advanced greatly over the last decade. Most of them have used a probabilistic context-free grammar (PCFG) or a dependency grammar (DG). In particular, DG has attracted more and more interest in the past years since dependency parsing has achieved great success. While much work has(More)
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