John K. Lattimer

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Ninety-five of 252 (38 per cent) patients with uterine prolapse who had excretory urograms were evaluated to determine the presence of ureteral obstruction. Seven of the 95 (7 per cent) had evidence of hydroureteronephrosis attributable to uterine prolapse. Two patients initially had urologic complaints, and 3 of 6 patients demonstrated resolution of the(More)
K IDNEY tuberculosis is a serious cornplication during childhood, just as in later life.’ It is serious because the disease tends to invade and to destroy both kidneys. Figure 1 illustrates the progression of untreated renal tuberculosis and the gradual destruction of the onhy remaining kidney of one patient, over the course of 10 years. This patient died(More)
Infants with posterior urethral valves may seem to have diverse and unrelated symptoms when, in fact, the clinical findings are all related to the primary effect of the valves during various stages of early growth. In some, prenatal urinary obstruction leads to such severe oligohydramnios that the fetus is stillborn. Others, somewhat less affected, are born(More)
The 24-hour urinary carcinoembryonic antigen determinations were performed on 61 patients with different stages of bladder carcinoma. Elevated titers were found in 81 per cent of the patients with active tumors and falsely positive studies were found in 7 per cent. High stage lesions were found to have high carcinoembryonic antigen levels. Plasma(More)