John K Lattimer

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A total of 120 children with both high, intermediate, and low types of imperforate anus were evaluated urologically. Genitourinary anomalies were associated with all types of imperforate anus but were found more often in children with high rectal deformities. Because the over-all incidence of genitourinary anomalies was high, early and complete urologic(More)
An earlier report described the pharmacokinetics of delta-9 THC and the resulting brain function responses. In the present studies the pharmacokinetics of THC in plasma, brain and testis were related to impairment of spermatogenesis. THC- containing preparations, whatever their route of administration, were associated with the induction of gametotoxicity in(More)
Now that we have observed the growth and development of 17 of our anatomically reconstructed exstrophy patients through 20 or more years of followup, we are convinced that reconstruction should be the preferred primary treatment. Most of these patients are healthy, attractive, well educated adults and have achieved emotional maturity and stability, despite(More)
One hundred forty-five men had undergone surgical correction of cryptorchid testes between 1936 and 1968. Eighty percent of 100 patients with unilateral cryptorchidism and 35% (16/45) of patients with bilateral cryptorchidism had reported fertility after 12 or more years of follow-up. There was no significant difference between the fertility rates of(More)