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A method is described for the determination of urea in plasma and urine. The effects of variations in the experimental conditions are examined and the results of recovery experiments and other tests of precision and accuracy are reported. In comparison with other methods in current use, this method has distinct advantages in sensitivity, simplicity, and(More)
any emerging information appliances assist motorists as they travel on today's congested roads: I Route planners give detailed instructions on the sequence of roads to follow to reach a particular destination. The information may be presented via a display mounted on the dashboard or as audio using the speakers attached to the vehicle's entertainment(More)
From 1997 through 2003, the UN Oil for Food Program allowed Iraq to export oil for humanitarian supplies. We hypothesize that Iraq deliberately set the price of its oil below market prices to solicit bribes from oil buyers. By comparing the price gap between Iraqi oil and its close substitutes during the Program to the gap prior to the Program, we find(More)
When the posture was changed from horizontal to vertical, or the reverse, the alteration in plasma volume and in the levels of haematocrit, haemoglobin, and plasma protein was much greater in patients with oedema or low plasma protein or albumin concentrations ("the pathological group") than in patients without these abnormalities ("the control group").(More)
Understanding the role of urine marking in the territorial systems of wild mammals can be difficult, especially for nocturnal cryptic species. Even for common species, such as the red fox Vulpes vulpes, a comprehensive analysis of seasonal and sex differences has not been carried out. Using 6 years of infra-red video monitoring, we compared marking rates(More)
Fiducial tags can be recognized successfully and decoded by computer vision systems in order to produce location information. We term a system dependable if its observable results are predictable and repeatable. The dependability of such a vision system is fundamentally dependent on the scheme used to encode data on the tag. We show that the rotational(More)
—Recent widespread use of multimedia-enabled devices has prompted the industry to look at systems which can provide a distributed, synchronized content consumption experience. Motorola has partnered with Purdue University's eStadium project to create the Rich Immersive Sports Experience (RISE) project. RISE is an attempt to design and develop such a system(More)
A specific method of estimating pyruvate, depending upon the oxidation of reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide in the presence of lactic dehydrogenase, has been modified to improve its accuracy. The precision of the modification, measured by duplicate analysis, was represented by a standard deviation of 0.03 mg./100 ml. The mean recovery of added(More)