John K. DeBrosse

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considerations for MRAM T. M. Maffitt J. K. DeBrosse J. A. Gabric E. T. Gow M. C. Lamorey J. S. Parenteau D. R. Willmott M. A. Wood W. J. Gallagher MRAM (magnetic random access memory) technology, based on the use of magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) as memory elements, is a potentially fast nonvolatile memory technology with very high write endurance. This(More)
Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive RAM (STT MRAM) has uniquely attractive write performance and endurance characteristics. Nonetheless, little STT MRAM circuit hardware data has been published [1-4]. This paper describes a fully-functional 90nm 8Mb STT MRAM, identifies and describes solutions to the primary circuit challenges, and includes considerable(More)
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