John Joseph Valletta

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Good blood glucose control is important to people with type 1 diabetes to prevent diabetes-related complications. Too much blood glucose (hyperglycaemia) causes long-term micro-vascular complications, while a severe drop in blood glucose (hypoglycaemia) can cause life-threatening coma. Finding the right balance between quantity and type of food intake,(More)
BACKGROUND Constant moderate intensity physical exertion in humid environments at altitude poses a considerable challenge to maintaining euglycaemia with Type 1 diabetes. Blood glucose concentrations and energy expenditure were continuously recorded in a person trekking at altitude in a tropical climate to quantify changes in glucose concentrations in(More)
OBJECTIVE Encouraging daily physical activity improves cardiorespiratory fitness and many cardiovascular risk factors. However, increasing physical activity often creates a challenge for people with type 1 diabetes, because of difficulties maintaining euglycemia in the face of altered food intake and adjustments to insulin doses. Our aim was to examine the(More)
Keywords: animal behaviour data classification clustering dimensionality reduction machine learning predictive modelling random forests social networks supervised learning unsupervised learning In many areas of animal behaviour research, improvements in our ability to collect large and detailed data sets are outstripping our ability to analyse them. These(More)