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The Foreign Worker and the German Labor Movement: Xenophobia and Solidarity in the Coal Fields of the Ruhr, 1871-1914
The arrival of the foreign worker unexpected foreign and native solidarity ambivalence toward the foreign worker foreign militancy and native xenophobia the achievement of foreign and nativeExpand
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School Strikes in Prussian Poland 1901-1907: The Struggle over Bilingual Education
An important contribution to Polish-Prussian relations at the beginning of the nineteenth century focusing on the problems related to bilingualism and political indoctrination in educationalExpand
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The Polish Coal Miners' Union and the German Labor Movement in the Ruhr, 1902-1934: National and Social Solidarity
Part 1 Natinal solidarity in the interest of the working class: the formation of a Polish trade union, 1902-1905 - a Polish working class in the Ruhr region, the origins of the Polish trade union,Expand
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An Ethnic Poland: a Failure of National Self-determination
The concept of national self-determination combines the ideas of democracy with those of nationalism. Both have a common source in the French Revolution of 1789, which first articulated theExpand
Relations between Polish and German Coal-Miners in the Ruhr, 1871–1914
The coal-mines of the Ruhr region first recruited large numbers of Polish-speaking workers from the eastern provinces of Prussia in the 1870s.1 According to the last survey of the languages spoken byExpand
The National Identity of the 'Natives' of Poland's 'Recovered Lands'
Among the inhabitants of the formerly German territory that came under Polish administration following the Second World War, the Polish authorities and public expected to find both Poles and Germans:Expand
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