John J. Waring

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1. The energy metabolism of ad lib.-fed adult male Wistar rats receiving daily running exercise (0.9 km/d; 8 degrees incline) on a motor-driven treadmill, over a period of 56 d, was compared with that of sedentary ad lib.-fed rats and sedentary restricted-fed rats of similar body-weight (approximately 420 g). 2. The metabolizable energy of the diet (Oxoid(More)
The cytotoxic and photodynamic activities of the commercially-available biological stains methylene blue (MB), 1,9-dimethyl MB (Taylor's Blue) and a newly synthesised compound, 1-methyl MB, were measured against the murine mammary tumour cell line, EMT-6. Both 1-methyl MB and 1,9-dimethyl MB exhibited increased dark toxicity with concomitant higher(More)
This study investigates the metabolism of the divalent cation, magnesium (Mg2+) in the isolated perfused Langendorff's rat heart and ventricular slices in the absence and presence of catecholamines including isoprenaline, noradrenaline and adrenaline. Perfusion of the isolated rat heart with a physiological salt solution containing elevated extracellular(More)
The use of fluorescent indicators to quantify intracellular magnesium ([Mg(2+)]i) requires accurate determination of the dissociation constant (K(D)). Ideally, the K(D) should be determined intracellularly; however, in practice this is difficult to achieve. An alternative method is to measure the K(D) in solutions which attempt to mimic the intracellular(More)