John J. Vaccaro

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This paper presents new expressions for the bias error and variance introduced by multipath onto the time of arrival estimate obtained using a non-coherent early-late gate discriminator. The results include the effect of front-end bandwidth and early-late gate spacing. We also investigate a blind method for cancelling the multipath, in order to improve the(More)
Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. Abstract Narrowband interference can seriously degrade the performance of GPS systems. Several techniques exist for reducing this interference, including adaptive transversal filters, overlapped FFTs, and filter banks. All these techniques attempt to filter out the interference before the GPS receiver(More)
A software design process for mapping real-time applications onto massively parallel processors is described. The design methodology incorporates a software test bench used to evaluate the level of real-time performance the processing nodes are capable of delivering. The final integration step maintains the simple test bench interfaces and reduces the(More)
Stigma toward general criminal offenders has been found to be particularly salient among community members who identify as politically conservative; however, less is known about how political identification relates to stigma toward sex offenders. This is a particularly important area of inquiry, given that criminal jurisprudence and politics legitimatize(More)
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