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A case of combined poisoning due to exposure to an aerosol containing both malathion and methoxychlor (sold under the trade name Ortho TM Orchard Spray in the United States) ps presented. The following unusual features occurred in the course and outcome of the poisoning: slow onset of symptoms and signs, bilateral profound and permanent sensorineural(More)
OBJECTIVE Because of the intricate anatomy of the temporal bone, we examined the feasibility and reliability of cranial surface anatomic fiducials to register computed tomographic images of the temporal bone by using a frameless image-guided system. METHODS One-millimeter thick computed tomographic slices and the smallest possible field of view were used(More)
Clinical trials to evaluate multichannel cochlear implantation in children ages 2 to 17 years began in late 1986, with pre-market approval granted in 1990. To date, 870 children in the United States have received the Nucleus 22-channel device. Performance on measures of speech perception in 30 children who have used the Nucleus cochlear implant for a(More)
Endolymphatic hydrops (EH) associated with otosclerosis has been noted for many years. However, the causal relationship of these two entities remains controversial. Having reviewed the records of patients with otosclerosis describing fluctuant hearing loss and vertiginous symptoms, the authors found the EH may coexist with otosclerosis preoperatively; they(More)
  • J J Shea
  • 1975
In summary, fluctuant hearing loss is defined as a disorder of the inner ear characterized by fullness, roaring tinnitus, and fluctuations in hearing. It is believed to be caused by an inadequate absorption of endolymph from the endolymphatic sac, with or without one or more metabolic disorders, that interferes with the delicate balance between the(More)
  • J J Shea
  • 1988
The modern stapedectomy with prosthesis insertion and living oval window seal, like the modern cataract extraction with lens replacement, is now performed, very much the same, throughout the world. I have reviewed the evolution of stapes surgery during these last thirty years and tried to gain some agreement for several important facts about otosclerosis(More)