John J. Shea

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OBJECTIVE To report the authors' experience with transtympanic electrocochleography during the past 10 years. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review. SETTING Otology/neurotology referral center. PATIENTS Transtympanic electrocochleography was performed on 2,421 ears of 2,140 patients from May 1990 to April 2000. INTERVENTION Clicks and tonebursts(More)
Despite a body of literature focusing on the functionality of modern and stylistically distinct projectile points, comparatively little attention has been paid to quantifying the functionality of the early stages of projectile use. Previous work identified a simple ballistics measure, the Tip Cross-Sectional Area, as a way of determining if a given class of(More)
The middle-late Pleistocene Kibish Formation of the Lower Omo Valley (Ethiopia) contains some of the oldest dated Homo sapiens fossils. Archaeological excavations at the Omo Kibish between 2002 and 2003 recovered numerous stone tools from extensive horizontal exposures of two sites, KHS (dated to 195+/-5 kyr) and BNS (dated to at least 104+/-7 kyr).(More)
The American School of Prehistoric Research (ASPR) Monographs in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology present a series of documents covering a variety of subjects in the archaeology of the Old World (Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania). This series encompasses a broad range of subjects – from the early prehistory to the Neolithic Revolution in the Old(More)
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