John J. Potterat

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An expanding body of evidence challenges the conventional hypothesis that sexual transmission is responsible for more than 90% of adult HIV infections in Africa. Differences in epidemic trajectories across Africa do not correspond to differences in sexual behaviour. Studies among African couples find low rates of heterosexual transmission, as in developed(More)
The consensus among influential AIDS experts that heterosexual transmission accounts for 90% of HIV infections in African adults emerged no later than 1988. We examine evidence available through 1988, including risk measures associating HIV with sexual behaviour, health care, and socioeconomic variables, HIV in children, and risks for HIV in prostitutes and(More)
controlled intervention trial of male circumcision for reduction of HIV infection risk: The ANRS 1265 trial. PLoS Med 2(11): e298. Readers wishing to add their own views may do so using our E-letters facility, where the debate continues. In the article by Auvert et al. regarding incidence rates of HIV infection in circumcised versus uncircumcised men, the(More)
Theoretical consideration of the epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) suggests that the key determinants of transmission dynamics are the duration of infectiousness and the extent to which subgroups in the population interact sexually. We used two empirical correlates to represent these concepts: (1) the force of infectivity, calculated by(More)
Editors of medical journals accept that published research should be open to comment and correction in published correspondence ([1]; Box 1). " Post-publication peer review " enables comments on, clarifi cations of, and corrections to published research. All journals should have a correspondence page for this purpose. I previously criticised the effective "(More)
BACKGROUND Prior research suggests that arrest, compared with no police detection, of some types of offenders does not decrease the chances they will reoffend. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We assessed the specific deterrent effect of arrest for patronizing a street prostitute in Colorado Springs by comparing the incidence of arrest for clients of(More)