John J. Pekarik

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Mm-wave digitally-controlled oscillators (DCOs) with reconfigurable passive resonators are proposed, which achieve wide tuning range (>;10%) and fine frequency resolution (<;1 MHz) simultaneously. Two 60-GHz implementations: a fine-resolution inductor-based DCO (L-DCO) and a transformer-based DCO (T-DCO) are demonstrated in 90-nm CMOS, exploiting(More)
—A broadband, frequency-selective low-noise amplifier (LNA) with at least 25 dB of rejection at frequencies below the L-band (includes GPS and GSM carriers) is fabricated in a 90 nm standard CMOS process. The proposed LNA can be used for broadband impulse-radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) and frequency modulated FM-UWB. The frequency-selective (3.
A 4–4.5 GHz receiver front-end consisting of a 35 dB voltage gain regenerative amplifier, ultra-narrowband RF filter and an envelope detector demodulator for FM-UWB communication is described in this paper. Implemented in 65 nm CMOS, the measured receiver sensitivity is −83 dBm at 100 kbps data rate with 15 dB output SNR(More)
— An RF passive orthonormal ladder filter using transformers is presented, where the output is obtained from a linear, weighted combination of the voltages or currents at predetermined nodes or branches. With this topology, arbitrary rational transfer functions can be mapped onto silicon. Key features of this single-input, multiple-output (SIMO) topology(More)
A frequency-agile, low-power 3-5 GHz FM transceiver with on-chip calibration, and digital control of Rx gain, Tx power, and carrier frequency is described. The FCC-compliant transmitter incorporates a 3-phase CCO and frequency-tripling PA. A tunable LNA, envelope detector, limiter, and FSK demodulator comprise the receiver. Measured Rx sensitivity is -80.5(More)
In this work a highly integrated, ultra-low-power BPSK receiver for short-range wireless communications is presented. The receiver consists of a power divider, two injection-locked RC oscillators with limiting buffers and an XOR output stage. The demodulation principle is based on the dynamic phase response of the two BPSK signal injected oscillators. As(More)
In wireless receivers, large dynamic range (DR) input signals necessitate additional power consumption in baseband active filters. A 5 th order Chebychev, ladder type, companding SC low-pass filter is described in this paper which provides gain switching based on the instantaneous value of the signal to handle peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR), thereby(More)
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