John J. Pekarik

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Mm-wave digitally-controlled oscillators (DCOs) with reconfigurable passive resonators are proposed, which achieve wide tuning range (>;10%) and fine frequency resolution (<;1 MHz) simultaneously. Two 60-GHz implementations: a fine-resolution inductor-based DCO (L-DCO) and a transformer-based DCO (T-DCO) are demonstrated in 90-nm CMOS, exploiting(More)
A 4–4.5 GHz receiver front-end consisting of a 35 dB voltage gain regenerative amplifier, ultra-narrowband RF filter and an envelope detector demodulator for FM-UWB communication is described in this paper. Implemented in 65 nm CMOS, the measured receiver sensitivity is −83 dBm at 100 kbps data rate with 15 dB output SNR(More)
A broadband, frequency-selective low-noise amplifier (LNA) with at least 25 dB of rejection at frequencies below the L-band (includes GPS and GSM carriers) is fabricated in a 90 nm standard CMOS process. The proposed LNA can be used for broadband impulse-radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) and frequency modulated FM-UWB. The frequency-selective (3.5-10.5 GHz) LNA(More)
A frequency-agile, low-power 3-5 GHz FM transceiver with on-chip calibration, and digital control of Rx gain, Tx power, and carrier frequency is described. The FCC-compliant transmitter incorporates a 3-phase CCO and frequency-tripling PA. A tunable LNA, envelope detector, limiter, and FSK demodulator comprise the receiver. Measured Rx sensitivity is -80.5(More)
In wireless receivers, large dynamic range (DR) input signals necessitate additional power consumption in baseband active filters. A 5 order Chebychev, ladder type, companding SC low-pass filter is described in this paper which provides gain switching based on the instantaneous value of the signal to handle peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR), thereby(More)
An RF passive orthonormal ladder filter using transformers is presented, where the output is obtained from a linear, weighted combination of the voltages or currents at predetermined nodes or branches. With this topology, arbitrary rational transfer functions can be mapped onto silicon. Key features of this single-input, multiple-output (SIMO) topology(More)
In this work a highly integrated, ultra-low-power BPSK receiver for short-range wireless communications is presented. The receiver consists of a power divider, two injection-locked RC oscillators with limiting buffers and an XOR output stage. The demodulation principle is based on the dynamic phase response of the two BPSK signal injected oscillators. As(More)
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