John J. Pearlman

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Bone sawing simulators with force feedback represent a cost effective means of training orthopedic surgeons in various surgical procedures, such as total knee arthroplasty. To develop a machine with accurate haptic feedback, giving a sensation of both cutting force and rate of material removal, algorithms are required to forecast bone sawing forces based on(More)
Sagittal bone saws are used by orthopedic surgeons for resection of bone; for example in total joint arthroplasty of the hip and knee. In order to prevent damage to surrounding tissue, sagittal saw blades typically oscillate through a small angle, resulting in reduced cutting rates due to short stroke lengths. To improve bone cutting efficiency, sagittal(More)
A new analytical model to predict bone sawing forces is presented. Development of the model was based on the concept of a single tooth sawing at a depth of cut less than the cutting edge radius. A variable friction model was incorporated as well as elastic Hertzian contact stress to determine a lower bound for the integration limits. A new high speed linear(More)
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