John J. Ottusch

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We describe the FastScat program for electromagnetic scattering calculations and its parallel implementation on the SGI Origin 2000. FastScat recently computed the radar cross section of a sphere having an area of 45, 239λ to high accuracy in about a day. This is contrasted with a result for an 354λ sphere reported at Supercomputing ‘92. Taking both size(More)
We report a novel method for accurately cornThe modes of an isotropic, homogeneous-core cylinputing the modes of an arbitrarily-shaped hollow wavedrical waveguide with perfectly conducting walls can be guide. Our method uses a point-based (Nystrbm) disclassifie cretization of an integral operator over the waveguide d [2] into three categories transverse(More)
We observe shot-to-shot fluctuations in the far-field fidelity of stimulated Brillouin scattering phase-conjugate mirrors in the saturated reflectivity regime under various experimental conditions. The fluctuations, which are not seen in the reflectivity, reflect a partial breakdown in the discrimination mechanism that selectively amplifies the conjugate(More)
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