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Several cytokines and chemokines are now known to play normal physiological roles in the brain where they act as key regulators of communication between neurons, glia, and microglia. In particular, cytokines and chemokines can affect cardinal cellular and molecular processes of hippocampal-dependent long-term memory consolidation including synaptic(More)
Normal brain function is highly dependent on oxygen and nutrient supply and when the demand for oxygen exceeds its supply, hypoxia is induced. Acute episodes of hypoxia may cause a depression in synaptic activity in many brain regions, whilst prolonged exposure to hypoxia leads to neuronal cell loss and death. Acute inadequate oxygen supply may cause(More)
The human ankle joint complex plays a fundamental role in gait and other activities of daily living. At the same time, it is a very complicated anatomical system but the large literature of experimental and modelling studies has not fully described the coupled joint motion, position and orientation of the joint axis of rotation, stress and strain in the(More)
Marine organisms are under threat globally from a suite of anthropogenic sources, but the current emphasis on global climate change has deflected the focus from local impacts. While the effect of increased sedimentation on the settlement of coral species is well studied, little is known about the impact on larval fish. Here, the effect of a laterite “red(More)
There appears to be a broad impression that an explicitly psychoanalytic framework of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is outdated and obsolete. However, interpersonal dynamics and experiences within the family during childhood and their intrapersonal sequelae in particular, may have substantial bearing on the early stages of the development of OCD. The(More)
A finite group is said to be cyclically generated if it has an automorphism that cycles through a generating set for the group. Such a set will be called a cyclic generating set. We show that every finite abelian group is cyclically generated, and then present results concerning the existence of cyclic minimal generating sets for finite abelian groups of(More)
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