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  • J Murray, C Cox, G Lendaris, J Neidhoefer, R Saeks
  • 1999
An Adaptive Dynamic Programming algorithm for nonlinear systems with unknown dynamics is developed. The algorithm is initialized with a positive definite cost functional / stabilizing control law pair (V 0 , k 0) (coupled via the Hamilton Jacobi Bellman Equation). Given (V i , k i), one runs the system using control law k i recording the state and control(More)
Complete feeding sequences (bite to terminal swallow) were recorded in 11 individuals (Class I occlusions) feeding on apple, banana and biscuit (hard cookie) to establish whether jaw movements characteristic of the stage I transport, chewing, stage II transport and swallowing processes found in non-human mammals could be identified in man. All participants(More)
Dynamic reconfiguration of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) has recently emerged as the next step in reconfigurable computing. Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Company, is developing the enabling technology to exploit dynamic reconfiguration. Sanders, working with Signal Systems Corporation, identified key elements to the successful utilization of context(More)
Isolable, water-soluble gold clusters protected by monolayers of tiopronin (tiopronin-MPCs) or coenzyme A (CoA-MPCs) were synthesized by a procedure of comparable simplicity to the Brust synthesis for alkanethiolate monolayer-protected gold clusters. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy shows that, like their alkanethiolate-MPC counterparts, the(More)