John J. M. Wiener

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We introduce Single R-Group Polymorphisms (SRPs, pronounced 'sharps'), an intuitive framework for analyzing substituent effects and activity cliffs in a single congeneric series. A SRP is a pair of compounds that differ only in a single R-group position. Because the same substituent pair may occur in multiple SRPs in the series (i.e., with different(More)
The continual search for new antitumor and antiviral agents from marine sponge extracts has resulted in the identification of a number of structurally complex and diverse natural products with intriguing biological activity. In 1996 and 1997 Minale and co-workers reported the isolation and structural assignment of callipeltosides A–C (Figure 1), the first(More)
Our laboratory has been engaged in the design of broadly useful new strategies for enantioselective catalysis that utilize organic chemicals as reaction catalysts. In our recent study, we reported that the LUMO-lowering activation of R,-unsaturated aldehydes using the reversible formation of iminium ions with chiral imidazolidinones 1 (eq 1) is a valuable(More)
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