John J. Low

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Conventional (e.g. MgH 2) and complex hydrides (e.g. ala-nates, borohydrides, and amides) are the two primary classes of solid-state hydrogen-storage materials. [1–3] Many of these " high-density " hydrides have the potential to store large amounts of hydrogen by weight (up to 18.5 wt % for LiBH 4) and/or volume (up to 112 g L À1 for MgH 2), values that are(More)
We have investigated the ternary mixture of complex hydrides with stoichiometry 2LiNH 2 + LiBH 4 + MgH 2 , and have identified a set of novel hydrogen storage reactions. One of these reactions involves the known reversible reaction Mg(NH 2) 2 + 2LiH ↔ Li 2 Mg(NH) 2 + 2H 2. Previous studies have shown that initiating this reaction from the binary mixture(More)
A blood pressure-regulating device for inducing hemorrhagic shock.zation of a myocardial depressant factor present in hemorrhagic shock. SUMMARY The effects of peripheral sympathectomy with nerve growth factor antisemm (NGFAS) on blood pressure, sys-temic hemodynamics, myocardial function, myocardial hypertro-phy, and renin were studied in male(More)
Coral cover on reefs is declining globally due to coastal development, overfishing and climate change. Reefs isolated from direct human influence can recover from natural acute disturbances, but little is known about long term recovery of reefs experiencing chronic human disturbances. Here we investigate responses to acute bleaching disturbances on turbid(More)
In this paper we present and discuss selected results of our recent studies of sorbate self-diffusion in microporous materials. The main focus is given to transport properties of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) membranes as well as of the intergrowth of FAU-type and EMT-type zeolites. CMS membranes show promise for applications in separations of mixtures of(More)
Systematic asymptotic methods are used to formulate a model for the extensional flow of a thin sheet of nematic liquid crystal. With no external body forces applied, the model is found to be equivalent to the so-called Trouton model for Newtonian sheets (and fibers), albeit with a modified " Trouton ratio ". However, with a symmetry-breaking electric field(More)
– The direct broadcast of MODIS data from the TERRA and AQUA satellites provides new opportunities for realtime and precision environmental monitoring of the Southeast Asia region. In this paper, we describe our centre's efforts to set up a regional environmental monitoring system making use of the direct broadcast data. The system will automatically(More)
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