John J. Jezioranski

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Forsythe has given a method for generating basis polynomials in a single variable that are orthogonal with respect to a given inner product. Weisfeld later demonstrated that Forsythe's approach could be extended to polynomials in an arbitrary number of variables. In this paper we sharpen Weisfeld's results and present a method for computing weighted,(More)
1. PURPOSE The program is divided into a number of subroutines, of which the user need be concerned with only two: CONSTR and EVAL. The former is used to construct the orthogonal basis of multinomials, for given data, and determine the least-squares fitting multinomial. The latter is used to evaluate that fitting multinomial for given values of the(More)
Cumulative dose-volume histograms (DVH) are crucial in evaluating the quality of radioactive seed prostate implants. When calculating DVHs, the choice of voxel size is a compromise between computational speed (larger voxels) and accuracy (smaller voxels). We quantified the effect of voxel size on the accuracy of DVHs using an in-house computer program. The(More)
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