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Research Center for their interest, availability of measurements , and valuable discussions throughout the project. REFERENCES [l] S. h o m e y , " The application of numerical filtering to the solution ments, " J. Franklin Znst., vol. 279, Feb. 1965. of integral equations encountered in indirect sensing measure-[2] D. L. Phillips, " A technique for the(More)
The effects of ammonium assimilation on photosynthetic carbon fixation and O(2) exchange were examined in two species of N-limited green algae, Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Selenastrum minutum. Under light-saturating conditions, ammonium assimilation resulted in a suppression of photosynthetic carbon fixation by S. minutum but not by C. pyrenoidosa. These(More)
A model which predicts total photosynthetic electron flow from a linear regression of the relationship between corrected steady-state quantum yield and nonphotochemical quenching (E Weis, JA Berry [1987] Biochem Biophys Acta 894: 198-208) was formulated for N-limited cells of the green alga Selenastrum minutum. Unlike other models based on net CO(2)(More)
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