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The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes of 338 Chinese secondary school students toward three major disability groups (people who are physically disabled, emotionally disturbed, and mentally retarded) using an adaptation of the American Scale of Attitudes toward Disabled Persons (SADP). We found that physically disabled persons were rated(More)
The STAIC was administered to 1,522 third and fourth grade Black disadvantaged children from a large metropolitan school district. Although A-State scores were equivalent to the original normative sample. A-Trait levels for boys and girls were found to be higher. Similar alpha coefficients were observed for the A-State scale; the A-Trait scale yielded(More)
This study was designed to assess the relative impact of a course in biomedical ethics on the moral reasoning skills of junior-level students in a school of allied health. A pretest-posttest nonequivalent control group design was used. The course was found to significantly impact principled moral reasoning scores as measured by Rest's Defining Issues Test(More)
The effects of anxiety on concept acquisition were evaluated for first and second grade children enrolled in either a traditional or in an individualized or multiage learning program, the latter specifically designed to reduce anxiety during the learning process. Regardless of their learning environment, first graders who scored high on trait anxiety,(More)
The purpose of this survey was to assess the current status of community college dental hygiene faculty qualifications in relationship to assigned teaching responsibilities. Data were collected on 508 full-time and part-time faculty from 92 of the 101 community college dental hygiene programs active in the spring of 1977. The majority of faculty degrees(More)
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the benefits of enhancing adsorptions with PEG. Allogeneic adsorptions were performed on 20 patient samples containing warm reactive autoantibodies with two volumes of adsorbing RBCs; results using unenhanced adsorptions were compared with those using PEG-enhanced adsorptions and with using untreated adsorbing(More)
Using simulated student data, this study investigated the grading decisions and future performance expectations of faculty members from allied health programs in Texas. These randomly selected faculty members evaluated linear and nonlinear grade profiles and formed expectations of students' future performances based on these grade profiles. Results(More)