John J Hagan

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Three experiments are reported whose purpose was to examine the effect of the cholinergic antagonist atropine on the acquisition of different learning tasks known to be sensitive or insensitive to impairment by hippocampal lesions; on the retention of performance acquired in the absence of the drug; and on memory consolidation immediately after daily(More)
The role of forebrain cholinergic projections in place navigation learning was assessed in two experiments. Following surgery, rats were required to learn the spatial location of an underwater platform on the basis of distal room cues. Bilateral injections of ibotenic acid into the nucleus basalis magnocellularis depleted choline acetyltransferase (ChAT)(More)
Hepatitis C in prison populations is now a major public health problem, and large numbers of correctional facilities have no comprehensive management program, often because of formidable projected costs and tightening budget constraints. The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has operated a management and therapy program since 2002(More)
The role of forebrain catecholamine systems in spatial learning was assessed using a recently described place navigation task. Rats were required to learn the spatial location of a platform hidden 1 cm below the surface in order to escape from a large pool filled with opaque water. Circumscribed destruction of dopamine or noradrenaline neurones was achieved(More)
The concentration of gamma-aminobutyrate (GABA) and the activity of glutamate decarboxylase and GABA-transaminase were measured in extracts of mouse brain before the onset and during the course of generalized seizures induced by systemic administration of homocysteine thiolactone. The results indicate that whole brain GABA metabolism is unaffected by(More)
Rats were given continuous intraventricular infusion of saline or the thiol-proteinase inhibitor leupeptin, via subcutaneously implanted osmotic minipumps, while being trained on a spatial learning water task using spaced trials. Leupeptin caused overnight forgetting during training, but performance eventually reached asymptote in both groups. A retention(More)
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