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BACKGROUND Cancer is a common disease and radiotherapy is one well-established treatment for some solid tumours. Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HBOT) may improve the ability of radiotherapy to kill hypoxic cancer cells, so the administration of radiotherapy while breathing hyperbaric oxygen may result in a reduction in mortality and recurrence. (More)
In principle, the AAPM TG-43/60 formalism for intravascular brachytherapy (IVBT) dosimetry of catheter-based sources is fully valid with a single seed of cylindrical symmetry and in the region comparable to or larger than the mean-free path of emitting radiation. However, for the geometry of a linear array of seeds within the few millimeter range of(More)
PURPOSE Studies of the curative effects of hyperthermia and radiation therapy on treatment of cancer show a strong evidence of a synergistic enhancement when both radiation and hyperthermia modalities are applied simultaneously. Varieties of tissue heating approaches developed up to date still fail to overcome such essential limitations as an inadequate(More)
BACKGROUND Although hyperbaric oxygen is used to treat chronic radiation tissue injury, clinical evidence supporting its efficacy has been limited to date. The authors report prospectively collected patient outcomes from a single center's large experience using hyperbaric oxygen to treat chronic radiation injury. METHODS Since 2002, patient outcomes at(More)
"Stomach cockade" can be readily imaged sonographically, so that it has also been possible to carry out studies of gastric motility or measurements of gastric emptying times of fluids. However, the results of measurements should be verified by reference methods using new investigation techniques. For this reason, we measured synchronously by sonography and(More)
We present deep optical imaging of the inner ∼ 1.5 • x1.5 • of the Virgo cluster to search for diffuse intracluster light (ICL). Our image reaches a 1σ depth of µ v =28.5 mag/arcsec 2 — 1.5 mag/arcsec 2 deeper than previous surveys — and reveals an intricate web of diffuse intracluster light. We see several long (>100 kpc) tidal streamers, as well as a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the survival, morbidity, and cost of treating women with intermediate risk endometrial cancer with postoperative vaginal cuff brachytherapy versus observation followed by treatment for vaginal recurrence. METHODS A cost-effectiveness analysis was performed comparing two treatment strategies for intermediate risk endometrial cancer(More)
We have used the WFPC2 camera of the Hubble Space Telescope to obtain deep F814W images of a blank field in the Virgo Cluster located 41 ′ northwest of M87. We perform star counts in that field, and in another Virgo field observed by Ferguson, Tanvir, & von Hippel (1998), and show that, when compared to the Hubble Deep Field North and South, the Virgo(More)
Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma is a chronic lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by a proliferation of plasma cells, small lymphocytes, plasmacytoid lymphocytes and the production of monoclonal IgM. Primary central nervous system lymphomas (PCNSL) are rare non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) that can be found in the brain, leptomeninges, eyes or spinal cord, and(More)