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BACKGROUND Follow-up case presentation (FCP), a staple of emergency medicine residency conference curricula nationwide, has traditionally been delivered using PowerPoint(TM) (PP). The sole use of the PP lecture format may limit audience participation. In light of existing literature supporting chalkboard and morning report formats, we changed FCP to an(More)
Bedside, or point-of-care, ultrasound (US) has increasingly been used in various clinical settings to provide clinicians with rapid clinical information without the use of ionizing radiation. Lung US has been demonstrated as a valuable tool in the diagnosis and evaluation of pulmonary edema, pleural effusions, and pulmonary thromboembolism. Lung US enables(More)
Ultrasound use is rapidly increasing in clinical care and as an educational modality. While there is widespread interest in training health-care professionals to incorporate ultrasound into their daily practice, there are few resources available to guide instructors in the design of impactful and efficient training sessions. We present 10 practical(More)
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